Volunteers Needed – Blue Belle Haul Out – Sept 6 – 11, 2023

Seeking Volunteers between September 6th and 11th

Greetings everyone,
Just a reminder about the upcoming haul-out of Blue Belle.  
If you have a couple hours to spare during that time please join us at the Newcastle marina in Nanaimo.
Here’s the tentative schedule:

On the 6th of September:
1- power wash the haul.
2- scrape the bottom and lightly sand the top.
3- fix fibreglass chips
Day 2:
1- Apply the first coat of topside paint.
2- apply the anti fouling on the bottom.
Day 3:
1- apply the second coat.
Depending how many join, I will start working on a mechanical issue that are more urgent.
Day 4: Relaunching.
Day 5: Bring her back to Genoa Bay. Qualified skippers and crews are welcome to volunteer.
Please contact me if interested.