Booking and Events vs Availability Calendars

The WLSA Members’s Page has two types of calendars. The Bookings and Events calendar is a comprehensive, colour-coded calendar thar shows bookings for all three WLSA vessels.and club events. It shows not only which days a vessel has been booked but also which member booked it.

Each vessel has an individual Availability Calendar. Availability Calendars are intended to be used for a single purpose – booking a vessel.

Why use the Availability Calendars?

Availability Claendars are instantly updated when a booking is made. When booking a vessel always check the Availability Calendars as changes to the Booking and Events calendar may be delayed up to 12 hours.

You can check it out on the Members Page

– Glen

Sailing Division Dinghies

Just to let you know that our dinghies are available for both our boats. You’ll find them secured with lock cables. The keys are attached to the boat keys including the outboard that is currently on KK.
Regarding the outboard:  It’s a 2 stroke type of motor; which means the fuel is a mixture of 50 parts of gasoline with 1 part oil (50:1) ratio.  I have filled the internal tank for yours to enjoy on your next cruise.  A 5 litres jerrycan with that mixture is in the aft starboard lazaret in case you run out.

Happy sailing.


Grand Adventure – Rudder Angle Indicators

Rudder and indicator gauges have recently been installed on both helms. There are slightly different procedures for each helm.

Main helm – The rudder angle gauge is connected to the same circuit as the depth sounder, The breaker for the depth sounder must be in the “on” position. Gauge will work even if ignition switch is off. The 3 way switch below the gauge controls the backlighting – yellow/off/red.

Flybridge – Ignition switch must be in the on position. A backlight switch still needs to be installed

but gauge can be used without backlighting.

Let’s Get Familiar

Hi Power Division members

I am happy to announce that the vast majority of planned (and some unplanned) mechanical work for this year on Grand Adventure has been completed. Other than finishing a deep clean of the interior , and the installation of the new mattress in the aft cabin, the boat is ready for use.

We will be holding familiarization sessions over the next ten days or so. There are a lot of systems on the boat to become familiar with, so we encourage all members to participate in the upcoming familiarization opportunities which will be announced shortly.

Please contact either Cam MacRae @250-701-3451, Doug Johnson @250-746-5257 or

myself @250-213-2184 if you need to schedule other dates and times.



Grand Adventure Update

The last few months certainly have been a Grand Adventure. Lots of changes, updates and maintenance to the boat. Here is a quick list of some of them:

  1. New anchor installed.
  2. Anchor windlass repaired. New solenoid installed.
  3. Varnish removed from much of the brightwork. Will finish the rest next Spring.
  4. Old varnish removed from the teak on the cabin and flybridge. Teak has been sanded and resealed/stained.
  5. New paint on the cabin and flybridge.
  6. New decals installed.
  7. Old hydraulic steering pumps removed, and new pumps installed.
  8. New toilet in the forward head.
  9. Fixed the vacuum problems with the holding tank.
  10. New macerator pump installed for holding tank.
  11. New sump for the aft cabin shower.
  12. Freed up all through hulls.
  13. Installed new teak sealant where water pools on the aft port-side walkway
  14. Working our way through other potential leak areas.
  15. Replacing old inflatable dingy with a Livingston dingy on davits.
  16. Honda outboard made operational.
  17. Work on stern thruster.
  18. Replaced all fuel filters. This seems to have fixed the problem with getting air in the fuel lines. Engine running smoothly and reliably.
  19. Updated DC electrical schematic.
  20. New diesel heater ordered. Should be installed by mid-October.
  21. In the process of trying to repair leaks in old inflatable in order to sell it.
  22. All safety items to meet Transport Canada requirements have been dealt with.
  23. About to finish installation of new step and railing to help members and guests move safely on/off the flybridge.
  24. All canvas cleaned and re-installed.
  25. New foam mattress for rear-cabin bed has been purchased. Hopefully installed this week.

Currently, the boat is good to take out for at least day trips in areas where you have good local knowledge as the depth sounder at the lower helm and the chart plotter at the upper helm are not working properly at this time. We have identified a small leak in the propane stove which we will address shortly. BBQ works but in need of a good cleaning. After a good cleaning of the interior, we will put basic pots, pans, dishes, etc. on the boat.

Please remember that our insurance requires that, even if you are highly qualified, you still need to be formally approved by the Board as a “club-qualified skipper” before you can take the boat away from the dock. Please contact Doug, Cam, or me, if you wish to set up a time to become familiar with the various systems on Grand Adventure.


Updates following our most recent Board Meeting, Monday Aug 08

Hi Warmlanders!

I’ve sent all of you this message by email but I forgot that Glen (Web Guy) created this ability to add it to “What’s New?” on the website. If there’s anything you think would be of interest to the membership to post here, please let me know and we can do that!

I hope this finds you all well. A few updates following our meeting.

Welcome to Ian Curtin who is our newest Sailing Division member! WELCOME IAN 🙂

Congratulations to Dimitri Safine and Teymur Akhundov on becoming Qualified Club Skippers in the SD (I’m a little jealous but very happy for them). CONGRATULATIONS DIMITRI & TEYMUR!!

Bruce and Lorna are hosting a house concert at their home in Maple Bay on August 17. Please see attached flyer and email Lorna to see if there are still tickets available. I had the pleasure of going to their “Starbutus” house concert last year and the music, venue and hospitality were all amazing!

WLSA has a seventh board position available. At present Mike Hill, David Redd and Glen Smith are all dual, PD & SD members. Doug Johnson and Cam MacRae are PD members and I’m in the SD. We would like another member from the Sailing Division to join us. Please email or call me if you are at all interested. You don’t necessarily need to be local, just willing to lend your ideas and some time in our continuing efforts to maintain and improve the organization.




Chartplotter for Blue Belle

Blue Belle now has a Garmin chartplotter. It’s not new but it works well. The chartplotter does not, however, have a depth sounder.

The chartplotter mounts on a bracket at the top of the steering pedestel. It needs to be removed and stored in the cabin when not in use as the steering wheel cover does not fit over it.

The chartplotter is currently stored in a brown plastic bag in the storage area (sliding plexiglass door)

below the VHF radio. There is a user manual in the bag.

After the chartplotter has been mounted using the two thumb knob screws there are two cables that need to be attached. The gray/white cable (gps antenna) with metal connector is easy – twist clockwise on/counter-clockwise off.

The black cable is also clockwise on/counter-clockwise off but is a bit more fiddly and requires some practice to get the feel of twisting the connector on and off. Be careful, the connector is plastic and too much force could damage the connector or the chartplotter.

To use the chartplotter the “big red” main 12V power switch must be on (normally “2” for house battery). The chartplotter uses the same circuit as the VHF radio so the switch labelled “Radio” must

be in the “On” position.

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