Grand Adventure – Rudder Angle Indicators

Rudder and indicator gauges have recently been installed on both helms. There are slightly different procedures for each helm.

Main helm – The rudder angle gauge is connected to the same circuit as the depth sounder, The breaker for the depth sounder must be in the “on” position. Gauge will work even if ignition switch is off. The 3 way switch below the gauge controls the backlighting – yellow/off/red.

Flybridge – Ignition switch must be in the on position. A backlight switch still needs to be installed

but gauge can be used without backlighting.

Operating and Maintenance Manuals

The following new documents have been added to the Club Documents area of the WLSA Members Page.

Sailing Division:

Blue Belle Operating and Maintenance Manual

Kitkatla Operating and Maintenance Manual

Power Division:

Grand Adventure Operating and Maintenance Manual

Many thanks to Mike Hill for creating these documents.

The documents form part of the SD Standard Operating Procedures and PD Standard Operating Procedures. The operating manuals are considered “living documents” and will be subject to periodic review and updates.

Members who have questions, comments, concerns or suggestions should contact their respective Maintenance Co-ordinatior:

SD – Chris Roy 438-380-2699

PD – Cam MacRae 250-701-3451

Cheers, Glen