Let’s Get Familiar

Hi Power Division members

I am happy to announce that the vast majority of planned (and some unplanned) mechanical work for this year on Grand Adventure has been completed. Other than finishing a deep clean of the interior , and the installation of the new mattress in the aft cabin, the boat is ready for use.

We will be holding familiarization sessions over the next ten days or so. There are a lot of systems on the boat to become familiar with, so we encourage all members to participate in the upcoming familiarization opportunities which will be announced shortly.

Please contact either Cam MacRae @250-701-3451, Doug Johnson @250-746-5257 or

myself @250-213-2184 if you need to schedule other dates and times.



Nanaimo Power & Sail Squadron presentation on “Dodd Narrows, False Narrows & Pirate’s Cove”

I joined an online presentation by the Nanaimo Power & Sail Squadron presentation on June 28, 2021. The topics were “Dodd Narrows, False Narrows & Pirate’s Cove”.

Videos from the presentation are now available on Youtube”

https://nanaimo-power-sail.online/Dodd-Narrows-Playlist You can also access the YouTube channel at the link below. https://nanaimo-power-sail.online/YouTube

– Glen