Sailing Division Dinghies

Just to let you know that our dinghies are available for both our boats. You’ll find them secured with lock cables. The keys are attached to the boat keys including the outboard that is currently on KK.
Regarding the outboard:  It’s a 2 stroke type of motor; which means the fuel is a mixture of 50 parts of gasoline with 1 part oil (50:1) ratio.  I have filled the internal tank for yours to enjoy on your next cruise.  A 5 litres jerrycan with that mixture is in the aft starboard lazaret in case you run out.

Happy sailing.


Chartplotter for Blue Belle

Blue Belle now has a Garmin chartplotter. It’s not new but it works well. The chartplotter does not, however, have a depth sounder.

The chartplotter mounts on a bracket at the top of the steering pedestel. It needs to be removed and stored in the cabin when not in use as the steering wheel cover does not fit over it.

The chartplotter is currently stored in a brown plastic bag in the storage area (sliding plexiglass door)

below the VHF radio. There is a user manual in the bag.

After the chartplotter has been mounted using the two thumb knob screws there are two cables that need to be attached. The gray/white cable (gps antenna) with metal connector is easy – twist clockwise on/counter-clockwise off.

The black cable is also clockwise on/counter-clockwise off but is a bit more fiddly and requires some practice to get the feel of twisting the connector on and off. Be careful, the connector is plastic and too much force could damage the connector or the chartplotter.

To use the chartplotter the “big red” main 12V power switch must be on (normally “2” for house battery). The chartplotter uses the same circuit as the VHF radio so the switch labelled “Radio” must

be in the “On” position.

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