Sailing Division Dinghies

Just to let you know that our dinghies are available for both our boats. You’ll find them secured with lock cables. The keys are attached to the boat keys including the outboard that is currently on KK.
Regarding the outboard:  It’s a 2 stroke type of motor; which means the fuel is a mixture of 50 parts of gasoline with 1 part oil (50:1) ratio.  I have filled the internal tank for yours to enjoy on your next cruise.  A 5 litres jerrycan with that mixture is in the aft starboard lazaret in case you run out.

Happy sailing.


Operating and Maintenance Manuals

The following new documents have been added to the Club Documents area of the WLSA Members Page.

Sailing Division:

Blue Belle Operating and Maintenance Manual

Kitkatla Operating and Maintenance Manual

Power Division:

Grand Adventure Operating and Maintenance Manual

Many thanks to Mike Hill for creating these documents.

The documents form part of the SD Standard Operating Procedures and PD Standard Operating Procedures. The operating manuals are considered “living documents” and will be subject to periodic review and updates.

Members who have questions, comments, concerns or suggestions should contact their respective Maintenance Co-ordinatior:

SD – Chris Roy 438-380-2699

PD – Cam MacRae 250-701-3451

Cheers, Glen

WLSA 2022 Christmas Dinner

Hello Warmlanders,

With our growing club, we have more members wishing to attend this year’s WLSA Christmas Dinner. The only way the Genoa Bay Cafe could accommodate the twenty four confirmed guests to date, was to split us up and so we’ve changed the venue to The Cook and Butcher, located in the Oceanfront Suites at Cowichan Bay, 1681 Cowichan Bay Rd. Same date and time, Friday December 9th, 5:30 pm.

I haven’t been there since it’s become The Cook and Butcher but by all accounts it’s good food in a large lovely dining room with views of the bay. The menu is quite extensive so there should be something for everyone to enjoy. Looking forward to it! If you wish to attend but haven’t confirmed as of yet, please let me know.



Updates following our most recent Board Meeting, Monday Aug 08

Hi Warmlanders!

I’ve sent all of you this message by email but I forgot that Glen (Web Guy) created this ability to add it to “What’s New?” on the website. If there’s anything you think would be of interest to the membership to post here, please let me know and we can do that!

I hope this finds you all well. A few updates following our meeting.

Welcome to Ian Curtin who is our newest Sailing Division member! WELCOME IAN 🙂

Congratulations to Dimitri Safine and Teymur Akhundov on becoming Qualified Club Skippers in the SD (I’m a little jealous but very happy for them). CONGRATULATIONS DIMITRI & TEYMUR!!

Bruce and Lorna are hosting a house concert at their home in Maple Bay on August 17. Please see attached flyer and email Lorna to see if there are still tickets available. I had the pleasure of going to their “Starbutus” house concert last year and the music, venue and hospitality were all amazing!

WLSA has a seventh board position available. At present Mike Hill, David Redd and Glen Smith are all dual, PD & SD members. Doug Johnson and Cam MacRae are PD members and I’m in the SD. We would like another member from the Sailing Division to join us. Please email or call me if you are at all interested. You don’t necessarily need to be local, just willing to lend your ideas and some time in our continuing efforts to maintain and improve the organization.




C-Tow Membership

We have just confirmed we have one membership number 1911458 for both vessels, Blue Belle & Kitkatla. If and when we need service C-Tow finds us easier by membership number rather than with Warm Land Sailing Association name or vessel name. For service, the number to call is 1-888-419-CTOW(2869)

Members can download C-Tow’s app directly from its website; or via appropriate iOS or Android locations. The app can provide current marine weather, local tides, GPS location, compass, speed & very importantly a “One Button Call for Assistance” Window stickers will come mid-May.

– Jurgen