Booking Links and Website Update

January 24, 2024 – Due to an unexpected glitch with password protection software I have had to roll back some of the changes that were made in December, 2023.

Most significantly the Members’s Page has been consolidated with the Mian WLSA website instead of the PD and SD booking sites. –

The process of accessing the members areas or booking a vessel is largely unchanged. The main change members will notice are the new links on the Member’s Page.

Here’s a tip if you want to save a few mouse clicks or finger jabs. You don’t need to visit the main website to book a vessel or to visit the members’ areas. You can use these direct links instead:

Blue Belle booking page –

Kitkatla booking page –

Grand Adventure booking page


New WLSA Website

WLSA has new website. The new website will continue to located at . The new website is fully functional, You may, however,

be unable to connect to over the next days or two while

search engines and web browsers “learn” how to find the new website..

In the interim the

Booking and Events vs Availability Calendars

The WLSA Members’s Page has two types of calendars. The Bookings and Events calendar is a comprehensive, colour-coded calendar thar shows bookings for all three WLSA vessels.and club events. It shows not only which days a vessel has been booked but also which member booked it.

Each vessel has an individual Availability Calendar. Availability Calendars are intended to be used for a single purpose – booking a vessel.

Why use the Availability Calendars?

Availability Claendars are instantly updated when a booking is made. When booking a vessel always check the Availability Calendars as changes to the Booking and Events calendar may be delayed up to 12 hours.

You can check it out on the Members Page

– Glen

Updated – Printing the Members Contact Lists

The WLSA Members Contact List on the Members Page can be downloaded (and printed) in PDF format.

There are now buttons below the SD and PD contact lists. Click the button to download to

file. Procedures for printing PDFs vary depending on your device/operating system/software.

Cheers, Glen

New Members’ Page

(Post updated 05/05/2023)

The WLSA Members’ Page has been redesigned and now has the same look and feel as the Sailing and Power Division the booking pages. The Members Page and booking pages use the same menu system for a more seemless browsing experience.

Members can continue to use the same password as the old Members’ Page.

New – Watch 60 second video – the easiest way to book a vessel.

If you have ever booked a hotel room, B&B or campsite online with a credit card the booking process should be very familiar. Here are a few things to be aware of:

(1) While the booking pages usually load reasonably quickly they can be slow at times – up to 20 seconds. Please be patient. After the first page loads the sites works fine.

(2) At the top of the Booking Confirmation page you can skip over the field: “Returning customer?

(3) Yes, there is a field labelled “Coupon Code” but you won’t find any deals on Groupon. This field is intended only for reserving vessels for non-paid club purposes (e.g. maintenance, testing etc.)

(4) Your mileage may vary (depending on your web browser) but in the checkout area you should see a checkbox prompting you to create an account. Account creation is optional but my advice would be to agree to create an account. That way your name, email and phone number will be saved for the next time you make a booking. If you create an account you will receive an email with a password. You don’t need to use the password each time you make a booking. The password is just used to log into your account.

Logging into your account allows you to update your personal details, change your password or view a list of all your bookings. .

Cheers, Glen (WLSA Web Guy)