Does WLSA need an Online Forum?

Update Feb 15, 2014:

Due to: (a) The relatively small number of members who have expressed interest to date and (b) the lack of available time on my part, I have decided to put the forum on hold until the Fall of 2024.

What is an Online Forum?

An internet forum is an online platform or website where individuals can engage in discussions, share information, ask questions, and interact with others who share similar interests or have common goals. Forums provide a virtual space for people to communicate and collaborate on various topics, Forums are organized into categories or threads based on specific themes or subjects.

1. Structure: Think of a forum as an online hub for discussions. It’s organized into different sections, kind of like rooms in a big building. Each section is dedicated to a specific topic or interest, making it easier for people to find discussions related to what they’re interested in.

2. Threads: Threads are like individual conversations within these sections. When someone has something to say or a question to ask, they start a new thread. Other people can join in by replying to that thread, and that’s how discussions grow.

3. User Accounts: To be part of these discussions, you usually need to create a user account. This is like getting your own badge to enter the forum. It helps keep track of who’s who, and you can customize your profile with a unique username and other information.

4. Moderation: Just like in a real-world discussion, there are forum moderators who keep things in check. They make sure people follow the rules, stay respectful, and don’t go off-topic. If someone misbehaves, moderators can step in.

5. Features: Forums often come with some cool features. You can send private messages to other users, search for specific topics, and personalize your profile with avatars and info about yourself. Plus, you can give a thumbs-up or a like to posts you find helpful or interesting.

Boat Handling & Basic Navigation Course

Boat Handling & Basic Navigation
(Formerly Boating 2 & 3)

Course includes covering basic navigation skills using a compass, reading and interpreting nautical charts, using a chart plotter, smartphone or tablet and manual navigation skills needed to navigate safely including how to locate a position, set direction and measure distance.  Safety topics include understanding how to use navigation aids (buoy system), legal responsibilities and much more.Course material will be provided online (with the ability to print out course notes), with instructional videos, knowledge checks and exercises.12-Week Course:  WEDNESDAY EVENINGS February 7 – April 24, 2024 IN PERSON at the Nanaimo Yacht Club. STARTS FEBRUARY 7, 2024 COST:  $264 CPS Members or $330 for non-members


Booking Links and Website Update

January 24, 2024 – Due to an unexpected glitch with password protection software I have had to roll back some of the changes that were made in December, 2023.

Most significantly the Members’s Page has been consolidated with the Mian WLSA website instead of the PD and SD booking sites. –

The process of accessing the members areas or booking a vessel is largely unchanged. The main change members will notice are the new links on the Member’s Page.

Here’s a tip if you want to save a few mouse clicks or finger jabs. You don’t need to visit the main website to book a vessel or to visit the members’ areas. You can use these direct links instead:

Blue Belle booking page –

Kitkatla booking page –

Grand Adventure booking page


Marine Electronics Course

SD member Dug Andrusiuk has provided details of a course he has registered for. It is in Duncan and is an in person course. The instructor is Jim Peakman. The course is scheduled to start Thursday October 19/23.

We still have openings for one or two more if you know of anyone who would be interested in taking this course.

Please find the student cost and schedule for this course. If you want to pre- register please send a cheque for $ 70.00 ( seventy dollars) and your mailing address and I will forward you the Thumbdrive  and the Chapter Questions notes. If you are in Duncan I would prefer to hand these out to save postage. My address is 6047 Hyacinth Place Duncan , phone # 250) 748-7376.
Thanks Jim.

Advanced booking dates – extended

At the September 25, 2023 the WLSA Board of Directors voted to extend the period for advanced bookings. WLSA vessels can now be booked up until May 31, 2025 subject to the following terms and conditions:

Booking fees are subject to review at the Annual General Meeting (usually held in early June). The posted day booking fee is guaranteed only until May 31. 2024. By making an advanced booking you agree to pay any additional booking fees approved by the WLSA Members at the next 2024 AGM”. 

New WLSA Website

WLSA has new website. The new website will continue to located at . The new website is fully functional, You may, however,

be unable to connect to over the next days or two while

search engines and web browsers “learn” how to find the new website..

In the interim the

Volunteers Needed – Blue Belle Haul Out – Sept 6 – 11, 2023

Seeking Volunteers between September 6th and 11th

Greetings everyone,
Just a reminder about the upcoming haul-out of Blue Belle.  
If you have a couple hours to spare during that time please join us at the Newcastle marina in Nanaimo.
Here’s the tentative schedule:

On the 6th of September:
1- power wash the haul.
2- scrape the bottom and lightly sand the top.
3- fix fibreglass chips
Day 2:
1- Apply the first coat of topside paint.
2- apply the anti fouling on the bottom.
Day 3:
1- apply the second coat.
Depending how many join, I will start working on a mechanical issue that are more urgent.
Day 4: Relaunching.
Day 5: Bring her back to Genoa Bay. Qualified skippers and crews are welcome to volunteer.
Please contact me if interested.



Booking and Events vs Availability Calendars

The WLSA Members’s Page has two types of calendars. The Bookings and Events calendar is a comprehensive, colour-coded calendar thar shows bookings for all three WLSA vessels.and club events. It shows not only which days a vessel has been booked but also which member booked it.

Each vessel has an individual Availability Calendar. Availability Calendars are intended to be used for a single purpose – booking a vessel.

Why use the Availability Calendars?

Availability Claendars are instantly updated when a booking is made. When booking a vessel always check the Availability Calendars as changes to the Booking and Events calendar may be delayed up to 12 hours.

You can check it out on the Members Page

– Glen

New WLSA website

The new WLSA website is now live at and the old “Wix” website has been shut down. That’s probably all most WLSA members need to know, but, if you’re interested in knowing a liitle more about why and how we came to have a new website (actually 4 websites) then read on…………….

Why a new website?

About a year ago our old website platform, Wix discontinued support for their “Wix Hotels” booking system. After an exhaustive search it was decided that Motopress Hotels was the best available booking platform for our needs. Motopress Hotels uses WordPress – the most popular website platform world-wide.

Some of the factors that were considered::

  • The need for separate booking sites for SD and PD
  • Our old website was not particularly mobile friendly
  • The low cost and high flexibility of WordPress.

The new WordPress sites have been developed in four distinct stages:

(1) Power Division booking website

(2) Sailing Divsion booking website

(3) Password protected Members’ website

(4) Public website

– Glen